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Why it Matters

Guns and Domestic Violence Can Be a Deadly Mix

Owning or having access to guns greatly increases the risk of harm or even death to those experiencing domestic violence -- including children, other family members, and new partners.

  • Almost 50% of San Diego County homicides of current or former intimate partners were committed with a firearm.

  • Abusers with guns are 5 times more likely to kill their victims.

  • Nearly 2/3rds of child fatalities involving domestic violence were caused by guns

  • Both abusers and victims of domestic violence have an increased risk of dying by suicide with a firearm.

Gun Safety Options in Domestic Violence Situations

Taking certain steps can help protect everyone:

  • Selling the guns to a licensed firearms dealer.

  • Asking local law enforcement for help storing or disposing of guns - see Firearm Disposal link below

  • Transferring guns to another family member or trusted friend through a licensed firearms dealer.

If any of the above are not feasible:

  • Store ammunition separately from firearms

What to expect at a firearm buy-back event

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